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Hi Brandon,
This last rain tested the roof - probably better than any rains we have had for a long time.   There was NOT ONE LEAK where the patio  attaches to the roof.  For that you are awarded  1 ATTA-BOY certificate good for a cup of coffee if redeemed before January 25, 2010 - chuckle.  Thanks for a great job - well done.  The roof really gives the house a touch of class.   God Bless Bob Kuhn - Bev Sanders.

I used Iron Fortress Metal Roofing to install a metal roof on my house. 
The work turned out excellent! They did a great job. Brandon is the owner, and he also did some of the work. It is an A+ company.  Jeffrey Mason

Glenn D.

"Iron Fortress Roofing did a great job for us. They were courteous, professional, and efficient. We are very happy with our new metal roof!" Diane M.

"In one word, FANTASTIC! What a decent, honest, company. They did a fine job and it was such a smooth project. Our job was pushed back one week due to another job being completed, but it didn't cause us any problems whatsoever. They even kept the noise level to a minimum which was amazing to me since I was home during the day. The Gerard barrel vault tiles look SPECTACULAR! We have had neighbors stopping along the road to investigate and even come up the utility drive to ask questions about the product! BRAVO Iron Fortress Metal Roofing! We would recommend you to ANYONE!"    Deb C.
"Outstanding product and service! This family owned and operated company has a lot going for it. Our new standing seam roof is beautiful and rarely fails to garner immediate praise on sight. The service is exceptional too. John Burgart's knowledge of metal roofing is truly awesome. And both Brandons are equally as knowledgeable. All are ace workers who really care about doing a good job, going the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. It is refreshing to see a company and crew with such high standards. Thanks for the great job, guys. Mark Downing Oracle, AZ "

"We use Angie's List to assess whether we're doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit AngiesList.com/Review/2287932 in order to grade our quality of work and customer service. 
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