The Venus Factor 2.0 Review (John Barban): Does it Work ? Don’t buy Venus Factor without reading this review


The Venus Factor 2.0 diet unveils the truth about weight loss management thereby giving the female body a sexier look. The question most women ask themselves is “does the Venus Factor work?” or should i buy venus factor?

 John Barban created the weight loss system and according to him he has not only created a fat loss plan which can smolder fat but can also assure more womanly structure. In his words “This program basically focuses on shedding extra fat, yet works towards keeping proportionate physical body”. 

John Barban never banked on starvation and he feels that starvation is not the best way to lose weight. Rather, he proposes a twelve week program to make  women healthy and beautiful .

His program consists of workout lessons as well as lot of other useful material . If you are wondering “does the Venus Factor really works?”, participate in “online participation program” which will help you to interact with numerous like minded people from all over the world. This way you will get to know their levels of success and how efficient the program is ?

This is called Venus Immersion and is an essential part of the program as well. It includes,access to a community of like-minded women who will tell you honest experiences and techniques to succeed in losing weight,and it will certainly give a boost to your weight loss motivation. However, it is an elective program which focuses on eating regime and simple workouts throughout the 12 weeks.

  • How Venus Factor Works

Here are the few constituents of a Venus Factor diet program:

    • It tracks your fitness progress through a weight loss diary.
    • It also emphasizes on exercise ,as the important part of the entire weight loss program.
    • It ensures increasing your motivation by showing you things like how far you walked or how many sit-ups you have done.
    • Helps you focus on what you want; whether you need muscles or you need to enhance your body shape.
  • It lets you enter the custom items and food item you eat with additional nutritional data.

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  • Venus Index

This is a type of comprehensive measurement which comes with the program. With this index you get to measure your waistline, height, hips etc and share these details with an online nutritionist. The nutritionist will ensure that you carry out your diet with some specifications so that your measurements stay within the stipulated range.

The virtual nutritionist will advise you different types of foods to take and how they will affect your measurements. You will also have to make numerous adjustments to get good measurement results always.

Does the Venus Factor really work? Don’t only bank on the buzz created by the Venus Factor system around you. Be curious enough to find out what it really entails. It is a more than hyped weight management system with amazing reviews. Alternatively you can always check the testimonials,photographs and they are all promising.

When you get to know the program better you will not hesitate to give it a shot. At the beginning of it all you will be given 143 video training courses which all contain different and specific training strategies.

This is the Venus Factor Workout and it functions to speed up the process for you through evidence-based techniques. The videos are also tutorials on how to go about some exercises you probably have no idea of.


Through this weight loss system, John Barban tries to provide the most simple and easy to follow instructions for women body transformation program. Below mentioned information will give you an answer of crucial question : does venus factor work.

When you get the system, you will receive a variety of elements. These may be downloadable digitally and will help you get the results that you’ve envisioned.

When you want to shed some pounds keeping a diary can increase your chances of success. With the diary you will be able to track your fitness expenditure, food intake and the entire weight reduction progress

In total, there are seven components that make up the system, these elements are:

  1. Main Manual: 

In the center of the system is this manual. It functions as a general review of the rest of the system , explaining the most vital aspects .Enter comprehensive details of each section , arguing to the smaller parts so that you know exactly what you’re doing.

This will allow you to maximize the benefits of the system and reap most of the rewards . Additionally the main manual covers the following topics:

    • The main differences in the sizes of the women and the composition of bodies.
    • The role played by the leptin metabolism of women (slightly discussed above).
    • The truth about sugar, soybeans, and artificial sweeteners to diets.
    • Good foods that you can eat bad foods VS you can not eat.
    • Tips to plan your meals.
    • How to avoid calorie deficiencies.
  • How to become and healthy and not only thin.
  1. Power Guide: 

The next section of the system is the feed guide entitled the guide of feeding body Central, this component discusses nutrition and diet behind the success of the system.

While offering a variety of tips and tricks to eat healthfully, the guide will never tell you which foods you should be eating and what not.

The diet plan is not dietary restrictions. It is to eat all the foods that you like in moderation with the combination of food that increase your metabolism in general.

3. Manual Exercises: 

Followed the supply manual, continue with manual exercises. This manual presents an exercise program of twelve weeks by combining a number of different high-impact exercises . Each of these exercises is broken down step by step manual so that you can do this correctly and in the most effective manner possible .Some of the mentioned workouts are:

    • Crawling bear or (Bear Crawl).
    • Jumping from truck (Truck jumps).
    • Push-ups(Push ups).
    • Climbing(mountain Climb).
    • On2(Walkouts).
    • Plates(Planks).
    • Strides(lunges).
    • Squats(squats).
  • Iron superman (supermans).

All exercises including this manual, are body weight exercises. These exercises can be performed without the need of computers or sophisticated fitness machines.

  1. Online Application: 

The application online system gives you access to virtual dietitian. This tool helps you to calculate your progress among other things .

The important aspect of  this system is automation of different processes in system in order to make it as easy as possible for you .

  1. Podcast Series:

To maintain your motivation during the twelve-week program and learn the latest information ,John Barban is the moderator of a weekly multimedia presentation. To get the complete program, you have access to this feature. In this section John Barban interviews experts from health and fitness program . Sometimes speaks of some success stories of the system. Yours could be next.

  1. Online Community:

One of the things that you get when you register in the system, is access to the members area.

This community is a perfect place to meet other women like you ,who have similar aspirations and goals.

Connecting you to this community regularly can help you stay motivated and maximize the results that you can give this program. In addition, other members always share useful tips and advice that you can personally serve.

  1. Exercise Program: 

And last but not least, is the exercise program. This is one of the basic components of the system . Based on the information found in the manual of exercises ,exercises plan simply mixes the individual exercises in effective intuitive routines for you .

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Advantages of Venus Factor by John Barban 

The Venus Factor system by John Barban provides a long list of benefits not offered to other systems of thinning, a few advantages that make you lose weight effectively.

What, exactly, are offering you this system? What are the advantages of ,best weight loss system, VF?

Advantage 1. It is a system of 12 weeks of highly effective slimming

Advantage 2. You can forget about strict diets and strenuous physical exercise

Advantage 3. You can continue to eat what you like without having to remove the dishes that most excite you from your diet

Advantage 4. You’ll never go hungry

Advantage 5. You won’t have to worry about the dreaded rebound effect

Advantage 6. It is a system designed exclusively for women, a 100% natural system

Advantage 7. It is a nutrition plan that is very easy to follow for any woman with overweight

Advantage 8. You’ll find every step to have a metabolism much faster, and therefore lose weight much more easy and quickly

Advantage 9 . The system Venus is a powerful tool with which to combat the fat accumulated in the body

Advantage 10. Not only will recover your silhouette, also will recover your energy, vitality, self-esteem and self-confidence.

According to the Venus Factor reviews the dieting plan focuses on Leptin, a substantial and crucial hormone which is significant in fat misfortune especially in women. Research has shown that women have twice as much Leptin as men even though they also have more Leptin safety.

Eating methodologies can project a woman’s Leptin degrees twice as fast compared to that of men. The Venus Factor system makes use of various methodologies which override on a lady’s metabolic framework. Meanwhile it also looks for the best metabolic method in place to accomplish the weight reduction process.

  • How and Where to buy Venus Factor

For a very long time, dieters have been relying on web based diaries to monitor their dieting process. Some of them really work whereas others don’t give results at all. Even though you might want to cut the costs and go for a free program ,but paid services will offer you more features.

You will always get the most out of the fat burning process if you pay for it. You can make a protected payment of $37 which comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. This means that if you don’t see any substantial results within the first sixty days you will be given back 100% of your money on request.

However, you are always advised to consult first just so you are sure you have the correct Venus Factor dieting plan. Many people have come up with fake plans in the past which have jeopardized fat loss process for ladies who were duped into them.


Who is John Barban ?

John Barban has been in the nutrition field for more than ten years now. john Barban is a Canadian citizen and also a degree holder of exercise and nutrition studies. John Barban is both a skilled man and a professional in fitness industry. Recently, he designed a VF weight loss program that helps women in diet issues and weight loss.

He came up with the eat stop eat program with a primary aim of helping ladies to undergo effective weight loss. He also conducts an online efit program . John Barban has achieved so much in his career due to his committed efforts and dedications that some people call ven. factor , John Barban weight loss or diet program.

John Barban’s program has been displayed as a reliable way of following a fixed three months nutrition plan. The plan explains on how to undertake the nutrition step by step.

This program creates a body metabolism that helps burn fat in an efficient manner. This only applies to women who are ready to lose ten pounds. John Barban is also a trainer in the University of Florida.

The Venus Factor program also gives women strategy to eat the food they crave most. It also helps ladies experience the slimmest and sexiest lifestyle ever. With this program, women also learn the varieties of food that helps them lose twenty pounds in a faster way.

Barban had been tirelessly researching for the Venus Factor program for years. He was working to find a weight loss initiative that can help his sister who has gained extremely much weight.

The program is designed specifically for ladies, and it works better than any other similar product. The Venus Factor is inclusive of a step by step three month’s exercise that will help women fit in short before the time ends. The Program also consists of a private online members area where women can freely interact with others on the program and interact to the maximum.

The Program consists of a Venus Factor Nutritionist app that calculates exact amount of calories and proteins required by women to get to their desired shapes.

This package has been under scientific research, and it explains on how women body functions. the program works to ensure that the excess weight is eliminated from the body.

This eight loss program has received great reviews from the users. Users implied that the program offers miraculous results. The program consists of a weight loss manual where ladies get to learn all significant news about female fat loss.

It also includes of the index Podcast that displays the trend of users who have been using the program before. The program helps both young and old ladies. Ladies who go cold after this nutrition exercise are advised to follow on the programs dietary manual so as to achieve the best results ever.

In conclusion, John Barban has achieved great success in the nutritionist sector due to his dedication and commitments. Women who want to lose more than ten lbs should use the Venus Factor program.

The Venus Factor System by John is presented as a single solution, a solution of powerful effects in overweight women.

This system designed and created for women around the world is a scientifically proven system that has managed to help thousands of women to finish with the extra kilos.For weight gainer please read crazy bulk review What are you waiting for  just buy this venus factor system and feel the difference.

Forget the traditional diets of life which does not help you at all. Every day hundreds are women who are willing to stop suffering by its weight and looking for a solution.

VF  is the guide which obtained more results of effectiveness in different parts of the world.

This guide is made after many years of in-depth studies on female metabolism. It is exclusively for women!

Thanks to these studies he could discover that there is a hormone responsible to speed up metabolism and as a result to lose weight quickly.

Often carry out an endless number of restrictive diets, which only cause that this hormone called leptin decline and send a signal to the body to accumulate fat.

The funny thing is that we have double the leptin than men and therefore we should lose weight faster than them, however is not. The secret is to know to maximize!

  • Conclusion

At the end of it all , the Venus Factor will ensure a woman sheds the fatty tissue and have adorable curves on the best parts of the body. As a woman you probably not only want to shed some pounds but also accentuate the suitable shape as well. Most dieting programs just focus on the fat loss alone without elaborating on how a woman will have to be attractive ,if you are looking for diet pill i.e Phen375,the question comes into mind ,where can i buy Phen375 . This is one of the strengths of the dieting plan. Therefore, in case you are a woman who wants to leave people’s heads turning wherever you are, then the Venus Factor system is ideal for you.

Merits of Venus Factor

    • Best of all is that it is designed especially for women!
    • It has nothing to do with machines, restrictive diets or pills through which you can only manage to lose weight temporarily, because after a couple of days back to regain what you lost and more!
    • You can keep eating strategically what you like so much (chocolates, cakes, pizza, etc)
    • Achieve the ultimate weight lose in areas of your body like your hips, buttocks and thighs.
    • You’ll have a virtual nutritionist who will teach you exactly when to eat and when to eat.
  • You will have a guarantee of 60 days, if you’re not happy with the product you can request your refund of 100%, you will be immediately delivered.


    • Time consuming – This guide requires time to implement all the techniques .
  • If being fat is your genetic problem than you need to put more effort to lose weight than a normal girl/woman, many times Genetics is a big drawback, you don’t want to say that it is not possible, but your results will be les


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