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Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am starting this blog to give Sparkpeople members information about the Venus Factor. I will answer questions and include Venus Factor reviews. I have found it hard to find a true Venus Factor review as most of the websites dedicated to the program are there purely to sell it without giving any real information. So please don't buy the Venus Factor without reading through these reviews and do not respond to any websites that offer free Venus Factor downloads or offers as they do not exist. The cost of the program is only $47 which includes everything. All the links I have included are safe and backed by the official Venus Factor website. I welcome both positive and negative Venus Factor reviews. The Venus Factor is a USA company and sold only through the United States so pay attention to the wording and speIling on any websites you visit.

Review of the Venus Factor
The Venus Factor diet does work. Welcome to the only honest Venus Factor review site based in the USA that answers all your questions. Hi I'm Debs and you can email me at debs@ebooksfitness.com. There are so many fake Venus Factor reviews out there with no contact details. So I have set up this website with one objective. To give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision. So what is the Venus Factor? The Venus Factor is a fitness and weight loss program for women created by John Barban.

Previously I had tried other diets and had done copious amounts of cardio, but all to no avail. I would keep to this or that diet for a week but then give in to temptation and gorge myself in the weekend! But when I came across the Venus Factor diet it all seemed to make sense. I could still eat almost the same as before but in smaller quanties, the amount determined by my goals and calculated for me by a software app included with the program. The Venus Factor teaches you to measure portions and eat less thereby allowing you to eat more in the weekend. This produces an undulating pattern which is designed to keep your metabolism guessing. So if I miss breakfast, I can make an adjustment and make it up at lunch. If I'm going to a restaurant that night and want to eat that yummy dessert I can eat less during the day and save the calories for later. It's the same with exercise. The workouts are medium intensity using compound movements that differ from workout to workout. They work your body in different ways than cardio and I can really notice the difference. The Venus Factor really works because it fits so effortlessly into your daily life. I have also downloaded the program onto my laptop and smartphone so I can access it everywhere.

10 November 2015
Are the Venus Factor workouts strenuous? I am nearly 50. Thanks. Corinne

Hi Corrine, the workouts are done three times a week for 45 minutes and consist of an exercise routine made up of various forms of squats, lunges step-ups and upper body moves. The Venus Factor workouts are especially designed for fat burning and shaping and are interval based. Age is not a factor, it is up to you to choose the intensity and if you prefer to use weights or not. Regards Debs

I know many readers would like to know about the Venus Factor diet and foods as well as the workouts and the type of exercises. The best source of information about the Venus Factor and Venus Factor diet real reviews can be found at ebooksfitness.com which is a website dedicated to giving objective information from users of the program. There is an excellent forum as well as contact details where they will email you examples of the Venus Factor diet mealplans and workout programs. So don't bother about doing random Venus Factor google and yahoo searches which lead you to scam websites when you can get free and honest information there as well as on sparkpeople and myfitnesspal forums.

More Venus Factor reviews with a question posed by another Sparkpeople member.

Before and after photos. Left is 12 weeks before my wedding. Right is my wedding photo. Thanks to the Venus Factor program!

I have a couple of questions about the Venus Factor program. Is it better to order from your computer or iPad? If you order on computer can you access any of the program from your tablet or phone? - Suzanne

The Venus Factor can be used on your iPhone, iPad or Android. You can watch the how to videos and follow the workout routines right from your phone, submit the latest stats into the tracker and ask questions in the community without having to turn on your computer. You can also access all forum threads and user updates inside the community and read all of the manuals and listen to the podcasts directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android.

Thanks everyone for all the information about the Venus Factor System. The Sparkpeople Forum has been a real help and by far the best place to get real Venus Factor reviews. I bought the program a few weeks ago after reading the Venus Factor reviews here and I can tell you that I'm happy with my purchase. I’m into my sixth week now and the Venus Factor has become part of my daily routine. I have downloaded the program onto my iPad and can take it everywhere with me. Now I don't feel guilty about eating some of my favorite foods and know if I overindulge I can make a quick adjustment to my diet and get on track.

The excellent thing about the Venus Factor program is it's flexibility.The times you eat or exercise are extremely flexible as are the number of meals you eat. I have between two and three snacks besides my three main meals depending on my activity level during that particular day. The workouts should last between 45 minutes and one hour depending on how long you spend on your warm-up and cool down stretching. The Venus Factor advises you to work-out three times a week. It is strength training based as that raises your metabolism much more than cardio. There's nothing stopping you doing a little cardio as well but you'll get great results just with the workouts.

Finally, the Venus Factor meals are easy to prepare as you will be using the same foods except in different portions and hopefully more healthy. My two girls eat roughly the same as I do and never complain!

Where to buy the Venus Factor in the USA or Canada? The Venus Factor is sold online only. This means it is cheaper as there are no distribution costs or fees paid to retailers. As I said it is very convenient and safe to order online if you buy through reputed websites. I recommend ebooksfitness.com which is an informative and legit website where I have found answers to a lot of the queries I had about The Venus Factor, though you may like to add your own to this message board. I will personally check them out. Again I'd like to stress in this review that the Venus Factor program absolutely does work and is not a scam. It has been around for several years and every year wins the best online diet program award. It is backed by sound science and comes with apps, manuals, videos and ongoing support through an exclusive community.

This program is a lot more detailed than other similar weight loss products I tried without success previously. And the support from the Venus Community is a big plus. I can see why the Venus Factor program is so popular. The diets are very flexible which I prefer as I dislike regimented diets that tell you to eat this and that. And the Virtual Nutritionist is an excellent touch. You enter your height, weight, measurements and activity level and the software tells you what your ideal weight and measurements should be to achieve your desired look, and it’ll also provide you with your recommended daily meal plan and protein intake. It's a little like having your own personal fitness trainer and nutritionist!

I agree with the previous comment but I will still put my two cents in and give a Venus Factor diet review. You buy access to some software where you input your height, current weight and some other measurements. The software then calculates the daily calorie allowance you need to lose weight and how many grams of protein you need to eat. It also gives you what your maintenance calories are for your ideal weight. You eat the daily calorie allowance for 5 days in a row, followed by a maintenance day. It's a 12 week program and most weeks you get 2 maintenance days. There is lots of diet advice. They talk about resetting the hormone leptin to help women burn fat. There is also a good choice of exercises they tell you to do three days a week. There are some really good exercises that are designed for women. Some of them are quite hard and really got me sweating. But that's the whole point, it's designed to burn fat and tone you up. The Venus Factor sounded logical to me, and after doing some research, I decided to buy the program for $47. Weight Watchers cost that every month and didn't work. This program has been working so far.

It is a one time payment so there will not be any additional fees. You'll then have unlimited access to the Venus Community site. It's definitely a great place to ask questions and get motivational support.

In short, the Venus Factor is a twelve week exercise and diet regime. The program is amazingly simple to follow, and allows you to eat readily available foods, which can be bought at any supermarket or grocery store. It’s also very flexible and still allows for the inclusion of yummy foods. The flexibility is great as it allows anyone to follow it, including vegetarians and vegans. Don’t forget that the program does not require supplements, which will save you money.

Remember for a total $47 you get the whole Venus Factor program and membership of the Venus Community for life! Nothing more to pay. If you would like to visit the official Venus Factor website and buy the program, click here ebooksfitness.com I hope this helps. Please get back to me if you have any further questions. You can also email me at debs@ebooksfitness.com if you have a private question. Regards Debs

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.


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