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Want the benefits of a metal roof while maintaining the appearance of a traditional roofing system? Ask our team about stone-coated steel roofing in Mesa, AZ. 

Modern metal roofing systems have strayed from the industrial, corrugated metal appearance of traditional metal roofs. Today, you can find metal roofing in a wide range of styles and compositions, many of which resemble the appearance of more common roofing materials.

Stone-coated steel roofing offers the best of both worlds: attractiveness and durability. Its metal composition gives it extreme durability and energy efficiency, but you can customize its design to resemble traditional materials like shingles, Spanish tiles, Mediterranean tiles, or even shakes.

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What Is Stone-Coated Steel Roofing?

Stone-coated steel is just what the name sounds like: a layer of steel or other metals coated in stone granules. While the exact composition can vary, most stone-coated steel roofs consist of structural-grade 26-gauge galvalume steel layered with acrylic and tinted stone, creating a matte finish that resembles traditional roofing materials.

These metal roofs are suitable for pitches of 3:12 or greater, which means most Mesa homes are suitable candidates. With stone-coated steel, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a durable metal roof without the disadvantages of traditional roofing materials, like short lifespans and frequent repairs.


If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal, and protection, stone-coated steel is a reliable option. When you choose stone-coated steel roofing, you’ll benefit from all of the following features:

  • Most stone-coated steel roofs consist of recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly option. This material also reflects heat and can reduce your air conditioner usage.
  • Stone-coated steel is extremely durable and can withstand fire, wind, earthquakes, and any weather conditions Mother Nature throws at it. Expect it to last up to seven decades on your home.
  • You can choose from numerous attractive styles that resemble your favorite roofing design, such as shakes, shingles, or architectural tiles.
  • You won’t need to worry about your roof looking odd compared to others in the neighborhood, as stone-coated steel can match any aesthetic appearance.
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At Iron Fortress Metal Roofing, we’re certified installers of stone-coated steel products from Steel Rock Roof, Gerard, and DECRA — some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Combining our metal roofing expertise with these high-performance materials ensures your new stone-coated steel roof will deliver the best performance while offering a clean look that is sure to impress.

When you choose Iron Fortress Metal Roofing for your stone-coated steel roofing in Mesa, AZ, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Roofing installation that stays within your budget and timeline
  • Friendly customer service and a commitment to your satisfaction
  • Extensive experience installing all types of metal roofs

Stone-coated steel roofing may be the best roofing solution for your Mesa home or business. To learn more or request an estimate, contact Iron Fortress Metal Roofing today at 480-274-3649.

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